Superluminescent diodes (SLD/SLED) applications

In one of our last articles (see article) we explained the basic principles of superluminescent diodes (SLD) operation. After understanding what means that the SLDs have a high spatial coherence and a low temporal coherence (see article), we can study their applications. Nowadays, the most important ones are the following:   Optical coherence tomography (OCT):   Is a high-resolution (µm… Continue reading Superluminescent diodes (SLD/SLED) applications

Light coherence, an elusive concept

In this article we are going to introduce the concept of coherence, as it plays a major role when selecting a light source for a certain application. It is always mentioned in the articles about light sources in the domain of fiber optics but it isn’t clearly explained most of the times. Although it isn’t… Continue reading Light coherence, an elusive concept