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Pyroistech is made up of a team of engineers with extensive experience in the field of spectroscopy capable of offering ad hoc solutions for the industry.

Spectroscopy studies the interactions between light and matter. The sample is illuminated and we measure the light that is reflected or transmitted through it. It is possible to relate this information to different parameters of interest that you want to measure.

Advantages of


Broadband spectrum

Obtaining a large amount of information not detectable by the human eye.

Real-time and non-destructive

Measurements in real time, without contact and that do not damage the sample.


Compact and easy-to-use instrumentation.

Integrable in the production line

Possibility of integrating the solution in the production line.

Robust against adverse conditions

Technology suitable for extreme environmental conditions (humidity, temperature, corrosion, electromagnetic interferences, explosive or flammable atmospheres).


Parameters that can be measured


Determination of color parameters in an objective, precise and automated way.

Chemical composition

Obtaining concentrations of a wide range of chemical compounds in liquid or gaseous media.

Sugar content

Monitoring of the sugar level (ºBrix) in food products such as juices or sweetened beverages.


Parameterization of temperatures in remote areas, difficult to access or in corrosive or flammable environments.


Determination of pressure values in liquid or gaseous environments under extreme conditions.

Relative humidity

Obtaining relative humidity in work environments and critical industrial processes.

Spectroscopy applications

✓ Detection of internal defects in fruits and vegetables.

✓ Measurement of sugar content / Brix degrees.
✓ Adulteration of food (milk, oil, honey).

✓ Characterization of materials.

✓ Gas detection.

✓ Detection of contaminants.

✓ Temperature and stress measurements in structures.

✓ Identification of chemical compounds.

✓ Glucose sensors.

✓ Detection of biomarkers.

✓ Lighting.

✓ Renewable Energies.

✓ Biology.

✓ Oceanography.

We have more than 30 years of experience to give you the best results.

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1. Solution requirements

2. Measurements

3. Development of a predictive model

4. Prototype manufacture

5. Installation in the production process

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