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Michelson interferometer diagram

Fiber optic interferometers

Fiber optic interferometers are employed to measure different physical magnitudes such as temperature, strain, pressure or refractive index. In this post we will explain the basics of interferometry and the different types of existing interferometers: Michelson, Fabry-Perot, Sagnac, Mach-Zehnder, Moiré, the modal interferometer and white light interferometry.

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The speed of light controversy

In this post we will briefly explain the historical evolution in determining the speed of light (c) and the different scientists that played a role in it, from when it was considered that the speed of light was infinite to when its value was accurately calculated and standardized.

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Why is the sky blue?

The question in the title may seem trivial, as it is a question that sooner or later, almost every kid asks. However, the answer is not so straightforward and the work of several scientists was needed in order to give an adequate response. In this post, we will shed light on one of the questions that has troubled parents through generations.

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Fiber optic gas sensors

A lot of effort has been dedicated during the past decades to the detection of gaseous species. Precise and rapid detection of minute gas concentrations

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