Fiber coupled LED light source UV-VIS-NIR

The fiber coupled LED light source that is essential in every university, laboratory, research centre or I+D department. COB has been designed and developed by PYROISTECH for the every day tasks. It is a LED light source that stands out for being silent, compact and with a design that will not be missed. COB has been optimized in order to maximize the power coupled into the optical fiber and counts with a wide range of configuration options, suitable for fluorescence measurements, absorption, transmission or colorimetry, and with applications in education, engineering, chemistry or biology.


  • From 270 nm to 940 nm. UV-VIS-NIR
  • Operation in continuous or pulsed mode
  • Adjustable power in both modes
  • Output connector: SMA or FC
  • Stable in the whole spectral range
  • Compact (10.5 x 11.5 x 8cm)
  • Light (500 g)
  • Silent (no fan required)
  • Economic
  • Quality materials for a long life
  • Suitable for absorption, transmission, fluorescence or colorimetry measurements.
Pyroistech. COB. Fiber coupled LED light source


Pyroistech. COB. LED source. Available models.
COB-2702700.1215685 €COB-46046010.724685 €
COB-2802800.1115685 €COB-5235234.836685 €
COB-3103100.5015840 €COB-5905902.015685 €
COB-36536511.812685 €COB-62362310.317685 €
COB-38538510.612.5685 €COB-66066010.618685 €
COB-39539511.016685 €COB-7407407.318685 €
COB-40540511.420685 €COB-84084013.133685 €
COB-45745713.220685 €COB-94094029.040685 €
COB-6500 White-16.5-685 €COB-3000 White-2.4-685 €

* Measured with an optical fiber (core diameter 600μm 0.22NA)

** Price without including taxes or shipping costs. Power supply IS included in price.

If you are looking for a LED light source with another wavelength or other power requirements, although it isn’t among our products, do not hesitate to contact us.

We will do our best to find a solution that suits your needs.

Examples of application

Fluorescent sensor for the detection of heavy metal ions
Fluorescent sensor for the detection of heavy metal ions

On the left, it is shown a fiber optic reflection setup where the ultraviolet source COB-365 is used as excitation. It is a sensing system for the detection of mercury ions in aqueous media using fluorescence.

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