Pyroistech. TAKHI. Fiber coupled Halogen light source


Fiber coupled Halogen light source

The fiber coupled Halogen light source that is essential in every university, laboratory, research centre or I+D department. TAKHI has been designed and developed by PYROISTECH for the every day tasks. It is a Halogen light source that stands out for being compact and with a design that will not be missed. TAKHI has been optimized in order to maximize the power coupled into the optical fiber and is suitable for fluorescence measurements, absorption, transmission or colorimetry; with applications in education, engineering, chemistry or biology.


  • From 400 nm to 2500 nm
  • SMA output connector
  • Stable in the whole spectral range
  • Compact (10.5 x 11.5 x 8 cm)
  • Ventilation system: 2 fans
  • Light (500 g)
  • Economic
  • Quality materials for a long life
  • Suitable for absorption, transmission, fluorescence or colorimetry measurements.

TAKHI. Halogen source. Spectral power distribution

TAKHI HP: high power model

TAKHI MP: long lifetime model

See all the characteristics of each model in the datasheets.

An overview is included in the tables below these lines.

*Please note that both spectra look similar as the spectrum of each halogen light source has been scaled by dividing by the corresponding maximum. Each of the 3 parts of the spectrum has been measured with a different detector. Remark that the total output power is not same, and differences can also be appreciated between the spectral power distribution of the 2 models.

Optical characteristicsHPMP Light bulb specificationsHPMP
Output connectorSMA 905Power12 V/50W DC
Spectral range400 - 2500 nmUseful life250 h2000 h
Typical optical power output19.3 mW6.2 mWColor T3300 K2900 K
Luminous flux1500 lm930 lm
Lamp holderG6.35GY6.35

1 Measured with an optical fiber (core diameter 600μm 0.22NA)

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