LED modules

Fiber coupled LED UV-VIS-NIR

These LED modules can be used as stand-alone devices if you don’t require a complex control. They have a configurable output connector (SMA/FC) specially designed to optimize the coupling to an optical fiber. The heatsink allows a quiet operation while providing an effective heat dissipation. Do not hesitate to see our COB LED light sources if you need a more advanced solution.


  • From 270 nm to 940 nm. UV-VIS-NIR
  • Configurable output connector (SMA/FC)
  • Stable in the whole spectral range
  • Compact (5 x 5 x 5 cm)
  • Light
  • Silent (no fan required)
  • Economic
  • Quality materials for a long life
  • Suitable for absorption, transmission
    fluorescence or colorimetry
Pyroistech. Fiber coupled LED modules


Pyroistech. Available LED modules
VF (V)Max IF (A)Price**Referenceλ
VF (V)Max IF (A)Price**
LEDM-2702700.128.000.15260 €LEDM-46046010.73.701.20260 €
LEDM-2802800.118.000.15260 €LEDM-5235234.83.951.50260 €
LEDM-3103100.506.000.60490 €LEDM-5905902.02.701.20260 €
LEDM-36536511.816.101.00260 €LEDM-62362310.33.001.50260 €
LEDM-38538510.63.501.00260 €LEDM-66066010.62.701.20260 €
LEDM-39539511.03.501.00260 €LEDM-7407407.32.301.20260 €
LEDM-40540511.43.501.00260 €LEDM-84084013.13.251.20260 €
LEDM-45745713.23.501.50260 €LEDM-94094029.03.051.20260 €
LEDM-6500 White- €LEDM-3000 White-2.413.301.00260 €

* Measured with an optical fiber (core diameter 600μm 0.22NA)

** Price without including taxes or shipping costs.