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COB – LED light source

Fiber coupled LED light source UV-VIS-NIR for every day tasks that stands out for being silent, safe, sturdy, compact and economical.

  • Robust and compact
  • Adjustable power and pulsed mode
  • From 270 nm to 1050 nm
  • Suitable for absorption, transmission, fluorescence or colorimetry measurements.
Pyroistech. COB. Fiber coupled LED light source
Pyroistech. COB. LED source. Available models.

FJORD – SLED light source

Fiber coupled SLED broadband light source designed to provide a personalized spectral response, offering the possibility of combining up to 8 modules with individual control.

  • Configurable spectral bandwidth
  • From 830nm to 1650nm
  • Short stabilization time and T controlled
  • Compact, light and silent
Pyroistech. FJORD. Fiber coupled SLED light source
Pyroistech. SLED source. Available wavelengths

Custom light sources

We offer our knowledge and experience to help you find the right solutions. Our products can be customised to suit your needs and allow their integration in your systems.

Our engineering and PhD team will accompany you in all the process of design, concept phase, prototype and manufacturing. Do not hesitate to ask us about any technical challenge. We would like to hear about it.

Pyroistech. Custom products

Solutions for industry

Optical analysis technology

The optical analysis technology consists in illuminating a sample and measuring the light that has been reflected or transmitted through it. It is possible to establish a connection between this information and different variables of interest that we want to measure.

This technology has applications in many fields such as agriculture, construction or medicine for measuring sugar content, pressure, chemical composition,…

Pyroistech. Solutions for industry. Optical analysis technology

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